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Family consultants

Family consultants are not usually lawyers but skilled professionals with wide experience of helping families particularly when relationships have broken down.

Family consultants work with parents in a range of practical ways to help them to manage the difficult situations which arise in a family breakdown. Most commonly these difficulties arise in relation to children.  Children are directly affected by relationship breakdown and divorce and it is often very hard for parents to take stock and to assess how best to help their children.

A family consultant or coach can help you take time to consider what is happening, to look at the situation from your child’s point of view and to consider together with you how best to manage the changes that family breakdown inevitably involves.

Family breakdown often gives parents a great deal of anxiety in relation to their children. They feel worried and guilty about the effect the situation is having on their children and these feelings can make it difficult to parent effectively.

Family consultants can also explain what is happening to your child and how you can help your child most effectively. Family consultants can also help you and your former partner form a cooperative parenting relationship for the future and can help everyone feel more confident about the new situation that has come into existence.

Family consultants work with parents with other professionals including solicitors and sometimes they will deal directly with children, although most of the support that family consultants can provide for parents means that parents can deal with the situation directly, helping children to feel that whatever is happening between their parents their lives are still secure; that they have the love and support of their parents, and that they can rely on their parents to make decisions for them and about them as they have always done.