CFL - Collaborative Family Law

Formerly Central London Collaborative Forum

We are a group of leading family lawyers committed to resolving family differences through discussion and agreement rather than using the court process.


Who we are

Some of us are barristers, others are solicitors, and all of us are members of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML) an organisation of leading family lawyers from all over the world.

Our experience, coupled with the network of lawyers that we can contact through the IAML, makes us particularly experienced at dealing with international disputes, and our membership of Collaborative Family Law means that we have great expertise in dealing with complex and international disputes in a constructive way. Where necessary, we even maintain relationships with doctors and qualified accountants in order to assist our clients with the most relevant type of expertise.

You will see by looking at this website how many different ways to resolve family disputes are available to you and your family, and how with our assistance we can tailor the process to suit your family’s individual needs.

Why is it better to resolve issues through discussion,
negotiation and agreement rather than by going to Court?
  • Research shows that agreed solutions are generally much more likely to work than those which are imposed by a Judge.
  • Resolving matters by agreement leaves you in control of the process and indeed the outcome.
  • It enables civil and civilised relationships to continue within the family. This is of course especially important when considering the needs of children.
  • It allows much more flexible and imaginative solutions which are just not available if the Court decides. For example agreement can enable the continuation of a jointly run family business when a Court imposed solution would make that impossible.
  • It can enable international issues to be sorted out and resolved in a constructive and agreed way; and it is also likely to be much more cost effective.


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